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With strong expertise in vehicle mechanics and collision dynamics, our experts are highly proficient in undertaking full forensic vehicle examinations, a critical part of an overall Collision Investigation or Accident Consistency.

Following a collision, especially where fraud is suspected, a full forensic vehicle examination is vital to uncover the true cause of the accident.  This includes a full breakdown of all the components of the vehicle including analysis of the tyres, the light bulbs and electronics to ascertain the state of the vehicle at the time of impact. 

Furthermore, Autoforensic are proficient in Electronic Data Recorder (EDR) analysis, which allows elements such as vehicle speed, throttle application and ABS activation at the time of impact to be taken into account.  

Autoforensic have extensive experience in the detection of vehicle defects and have helped numerous clients identify and manage vehicle faults.  As part of our Consultancy services, we also work directly with manufacturers to advise on identifying and managing vehicle defects.

Forensic Vehicle Examination of car with damaged wheel

Forensic Vehicle Examination Services

Autoforensic can undertake forensic vehicle examinations on all types of vehicle to provide a full understanding of the extent of damage, the direction of the impact(s), the orientation of the vehicles at impact and whether the vehicles actually came into contact.  We can also examine all components of the vehicles to identify possible component failure or fraudulent activity. 


  • Electronic Data Recorder (EDR) Analysis

  • Desktop Analysis

  • Tyre Analysis

  • Component Failure Analysis

  • Full Vehicle Breakdown 

  • Paint Depth Analysis

  • Light Bulb Examination

  • Diminution of Value Reports


Collision Investigation

Accident Investigation & Reconstruction Services

Forensic Vehicle Examination Consultancy


Advisory and Training Services for Insurers

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