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According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau, fraudulent motor insurance claims in so-called 'Crash for Cash' schemes cost over £340m per year.  This number continues to rise year-on-year.

Autoforensic work with some of the world's largest insurers and legal firms to identify the true cause of the accident.  Using the latest technology in vehicle analytics and data downloads, our experts examine all the circumstances leading up to the collision and can carry out forensic vehicle examinations for damage consistency. 

Autoforensic's engineers have strong backgrounds in vehicle mechanics which greatly assists identifying any inconsistencies.  

Our experts bring an excellent track record, having successfully been involved in securing several of the largest criminal motor fraud convictions in the UK.

Fraudulent Accident

Accident Consistency Services

Autoforensic will start initially with a Desktop Analysis of all evidence available in order to detect any initial signs of inconsistency. We will also examine the evidence against our previous cases to identify any similarities which may provide further evidence.  Following that, we will undertake a detailed forensic examination of the vehicle(s) in question to identify the facts the prepare a comprehensive report with our findings.


  • Desktop Analysis of evidence using the latest technology and techniques

  • Forensic Vehicle Examinations

  • Download Data from Event Data Recorders (EDR)

  • Comparison of evidence against previous cases to identify patterns and traits

  • Advice, Consultancy and training to Insurers in-house teams on identifying fraud.


Forensic vehicle examination

Comprehensive Forensic Vehicle Examinations

Accident Investigation Consultancy


Advisory and Training Services for Insurers

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