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Road Traffic Collisions, Incidents and Accidents often have devastating consequences.  At Autoforensic, our forensic collision investigators bring truly independent and impartial expertise to analyse and reconstruct the exact circumstances under which the accident took place. 


At times there are obvious reasons for an accident, such as poor weather conditions resulting in limited visibility, but sometimes there are a number of elements which all combine to create a situation in which a collision occurs.

Where an accident has resulted in injury to one or more parties, an accurate picture of the events which led up to the incident can be vital in obtaining a settlement from those responsible.

Autoforensic uses only experienced experts who have all the relevant skills and qualifications. They are fully conversant with Civil and Criminal Procedure Rules and are fully accepted as expert witnesses in civil and criminal court proceedings.


Collision Investigation Services

With an average experience of over 20 years, our experts bring world-class expertise to every case.  All experts for Autoforensic are experienced in writing expert reports and producing exhibits for all Courts. We are conversant with Civil and Criminal Procedure Rules and routinely provide live evidence in Court.


  • Accident (Collision) Analysis & Investigation

  • Accident (Collision) Reconstruction

  • Joint-Expert Reports

  • Desktop Analysis

  • Vehicle Examination

  • Scene Visits

  • ECU Data Downloads

  • Technical CAD/CAM Drawings

Accident Consistency

Accident consistency

Detailed Analysis & Fraud Detection


Forensic vehicle examination

Comprehensive Forensic Vehicle Examinations

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